The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

Beautifully filmed, old fashioned escapism about a widow who begins a new life in a recently purchased house and discovers the previous owner has not completely left.  Classic romance is emotionally engaging in a way that only a movie of the 1940s can be.  Gene Tierney radiates sophisticated beauty and Rex Harrison inhabits his role convincingly as the old salt.  Some shrewd supporting work from George Sanders as an author who is also taken with the young woman.  Classic veteran director Joseph L. Mankiewicz directs with polish and flair.  A real throwback to a more innocent era.  If the ending doesn‘t move you, please see a doctor.

3 Responses to “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir”

  1. Great. Will definitely add to my Must-Watch List!


  2. Diamond Girl Says:

    Yes, I agree this film is a lovely, charming and classic story of romance between two unlikely partners. This film has been one of my favorites films since my childhood and would highly recommend to all looking for a elegant and romantic “feel good” film of days past. Thank you Mark for your keen review.


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