Unsettling science fiction about two young scientists who combine various animal DNA samples with human DNA to create a hybrid creature.  Their disregard for the ethical and legal boundaries of society is a cautionary tale explored in a (mostly) intelligent manner.  What could have been an unrestrained gore fest, wisely favors creepy mood over slasher techniques.  The fully realized life form they create is mesmerizing.  Exploiting themes of biological horror, director Vincenzo Natali is clearly influenced by the films of David Cronenberg.  However the film takes a decidedly unpleasant departure in the third act.  The off-putting turn of events will either evoke disgust or laughter.  Intriguing exploration of genetic-engineering starts out as stylish horror but ultimately becomes something of a camp fest.  A good film that could have been great.

One Response to “Splice”

  1. Damn! SPLICE needs to open in Mexico right now! I’m actually kinda excited for it…


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