Party Girl

Quirky romantic comedy about a flighty, free spirited hedonist.  Parker Posey is likable as spunky and sassy Mary, a Holly Golightly for the 90s.  We follow her as she learns the intricacies of the Dewey Decimal system, flirts with a falafel vendor and dances the night away at the many house parties she throws.  Manhattan’s trendy loft and club scene is nicely captured in this Gen X comedy drama from the mid 90s, but stylistically has more in common with 80s films like Desperately Seeking Susan and Something Wild.  Also of note is actress Sasha von Scherler, the director’s real life mother, who anchors the film as the no-nonsense librarian godmother who hires her.

2 Responses to “Party Girl”

  1. This looks like a cool movie! Love the blog! 🙂 Very Nice!


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