Unsettling slasher film masquerading as a crime thriller.  NYC cop goes undercover in the gay underworld of S&M leather bars in order to uncover a murderer whose victims are patrons of those establishments.  As he become more involved in the investigation, it changes him.  Sensationalistic drama is marked by heavy handed direction that portrays the victims as inhuman deviants which removes any sympathy the viewer might have for them.  Actor Al Pacino brings a sincere innocence to his role that benefits the material, but the drama is given to sloppy editing which betrays coherent story or character development.  The action suggests multiple killers but never addresses those suggestions.  How the character’s exposure to this “community” has caused him to become increasingly violent is never explained either.  Even the ambiguous ending leaves the viewer with frustratingly unanswered questions.  A crudely made effort.

One Response to “Cruising”

  1. Never heard about this film before. Weird story.


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