The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Or the continuing saga of a girl who cannot make up her mind.   In the third installment, red-haired, cat-like vampire Victoria creates an army of savage newborn vampires to avenge the death of her lover, James.  Definitely an improvement over New Moon as this story is more engaging.  Secondary characters are even given interesting back-stories that are genuinely involving.  Of special note is Rosalie Hale’s story of how she came to be part of the Cullen clan.  Unfortunately the action is also tainted by more soap-opera style high jinks of smoldering stares, bruised egos and petulant personalities.  It never rise above a very beautifully shot daytime drama of attractive teens.  However, the unintentional humor, and there is a lot, is pretty hilarious.

7 Responses to “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”

  1. I really like this movie as well it had a lot action !!


  2. There was so much more action in this installment. I liked that. I was a little bored with some of the wishy washy conversations between Bella and Edward, or Jacob. She’s so boring! Not sure why anyone would fuss over….her. However, the movie entertained me.


  3. I know I’ll end up watching this eventually…


  4. A painful movie that was about an hour too long.


  5. Didn’t see it. The only reason I saw this one was because my wife promised to buy me popcorn . . .


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