The Holiday

Glossy romantic comedy features two women who swap homes temporarily, one in England the other in LA.  What happens to British Iris in the US is far more compelling than what happens to American Amanda in England.  Credit goes to Kate Winslet for her engaging performance.  She elevates everyone around her.  Even Eli Wallach seems magnetic as a screenwriter from Hollywood‘s golden age.  Unfortunately, the trite story is too formulaic to be interesting.  Comedy-drama feels more like a product being marketed and sold by a Hollywood factory that anything bearing genuine warmth and emotion.  Cameron Diaz is particularly cloying.  She makes goo-goo eyes and talks in her cutest voice that says “love me because I’m so pretty”, but really comes across a snoozy bore.  Half of a good movie.  I see no  justification for that overindulgent 2 hour and 16 minute running time either.

5 Responses to “The Holiday”

  1. Wow. Really? I guess I’m the only one who loves it, because I LOVE IT. You’re right about Kate Winslet, she’s the best thing in the movie, she even makes Jack Black likeable! But I still appreciate the Cameron-Jude storyline (although I wish the film’s attention would gear more towards Kate-Jack). Still, I’m a HUGE Nancy Meyers fan and I really, really like The Holiday. Even if it’s really long, I’ve watched it several times…


  2. I have no interest in this film!!!


  3. Rochelle Says:

    I’m very sorry, but I feel I must disagree with some of your review. I mostly love this movie, though I will say that there are a few changes I would’ve enjoyed. First of all, you are of course completely right about the very talented Kate Winslet – I can never say enough good things about her, but for now I won’t press on. That being said, I really seemed like she got the short end of things with Jack Black(nothing against him – he’s charming), but I’m inclined to think that she would’ve been better suited to be with Jude & Cameron with Jack. Cameron comes off much too artificial, vapid & just plain annoying to be with the character Jude plays. Plus, they really didn’t seem to have much chemistry. Too bad Kate wasn’t with Jude; I think there would have been more of a spark & if nothing else, a more convincing love story. Also, it would’ve been nice for her to have found a someone from her own backyard all the way across the pond – like it was destiny or something?…& they could go home together too!? Anyway, I have never noticed how long it was & have watched it multiple times…guess that means I like it despite the lack of anything between C & J?


    • Artificial is the perfect word to describe Cameron Diaz’ performance. Here she exhibits the kind of acting you find on a TV soap opera like “The Young and the Restless”. It’s interesting that I agree with everything you said, yet you like the film and I didn’t.


  4. I disagree this is a great movie!


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