Angelina Jolie is Evelyn Salt, a trained CIA officer who is accused of being a Russian spy.  Jolie brings her seductive, charismatic persona and she definitely doesn’t disappoint.  She’s an indestructible badass, as sexy as she is tough.  It’s a seductive combination.  A spectacular piece of slam-bang entertainment that, while captivating, is also ludicrous in the extreme.  Film requires a very high suspension of disbelief.  How can she jump from the roof of one speeding truck to the next – three times even?  How is she able to knock out 20 people and not get hurt?  How did she survive that bomb blast?  Don’t even worry trying to answer those questions.  Merely sit back, relax and enjoy the action.  You will have a good time.  Just check your brain at the door.

3 Responses to “Salt”

  1. This truly is Angelina at her best! If you like smooth action, you’ll like this movie. It’s not great story, but who cares. See it for the action.


  2. An extremely entertaining spy thriller with Angelina Jolie at her sexy, ass-kicking best! Easily one of the summer most enjoyable films.


  3. Wow. Wasn’t expecting such a good review, but I’m definitely excited for Salt. Angelina Jolie is THE action hero (or heroine) of my generation.


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