Dinner for Schmucks

Corporate executive must bring an unsuspecting fool to a dinner party where the biggest idiot wins a prize.  Inconsequential comedy is forgettable, for the most part, and not especially funny.  As the star imbecile, Steve Carell mugs for the camera in a desperate attempt to wring laughs from the lightweight script.  An IRS agent, he makes dioramas with dead mice dressed like people in his  spare time.  Despite being a device to make him look ridiculous, they’re actually kind of charming.  Redeems itself somewhat in the last act with a more involving turn of events when several comedians get a chance to shine at the climactic get-together.  An improvement over the original, more mean spirited, French farce in which the protagonists never even made it to the banquet.  Except by then, it‘s too little, too late.  Not a horrible movie, but not a particularly memorable one either.

3 Responses to “Dinner for Schmucks”

  1. Really thought it would’ve been better. The trailer looked promising.


  2. Yeah, I was disappointed. I like Paul Rudd and Steve Carell, but the movie seemed to drag in the middle. I’m glad they had the dinner though. In the original they never even had it. That was very disappointing. Last half hour was really good.


  3. I truly could not see myself paying to see the beyond stupid comedy at a cinema, I will wait to see it when it becomes available for video rentals, maybe not even then!!!


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