The Crazies

Something is causing the residents of Ogden Marsh, Iowa, to behave strangely and it’s up to a small town sheriff to investigate why.  Given the sheer number of bad horror attempts, the bar is already set pretty low for these types of films.  With that said, this slickly produced B-movie is a competent, but uninspiring entry in that genre.  It begs the question, why was this made?  Admittedly, this predominantly routine effort does have a few tensely exciting scenes that build suspense, and British born actor Joe Anderson is memorable as the American deputy.  But It falls short of similar but superior efforts like 28 Days Later.  Perhaps flaunting nauseating gore might have been the purpose.  That infected high school principal killing the patients strapped to their hospital beds is the nadir.  Script’s underlying “fear of the military” subtext feels chillingly all too real.

3 Responses to “The Crazies”

  1. Coincidentally, I just rented this today. Let’s see how it is. Been hearing good to mixed reviews on this one.


  2. I disagree with your review Mark, “The Crazies” is a well-made horror film with some solid suspense and good performances from its cast. It is a remake of the cult classic 1973 George A. Romero film, which was before “28 Days Later”, which is a superior film, but gets its central premises from this film. Overall a gory, scary good time!


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