The Social Network

Extraordinary drama detailing the founding of Facebook and the subsequent battles over the website’s ownership. Flawlessly scripted production takes a cinematically dull subject, namely computer programming, and constructs a flashy film about friendship and betrayal. It isn’t really about the Internet, per se, but about people, relationships and control. That’s what makes the story so endlessly compelling.  Actor Jesse Eisenberg gives a career defining performance as Mark Zuckerberg, the American entrepreneur who co-founded Facebook.  He presents him as an intense, tightly wound individual that you at once want to punch in the face, while admiring his talent. If David Fincher wasn’t considered one of filmdom’s great directors before, he is now.  Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin brilliantly adapts Ben Mezrich’s book, The Accidental Billionaires.

5 Responses to “The Social Network”

  1. I really want to see this movie and it looks very good!!


  2. It was exciting to see how Facebook was created, but even more exciting was the story behind this billion dollar empire. Script, direction and acting were brilliant. Nobody could match Jesse’s quick talking, serious demeanor better. Definitely a Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor nomination. That’s my prediction.


  3. Fernando Quintero Says:

    Loved your review! I’ve always thought that David Fincher is one of the best filmmakers around and I’m very interested in watching the “career-defining” performance by Jesse Eisenberg. Would you say THE SOCIAL NETWORK is gathering Oscar buzz already?


  4. Amanda Martinez Says:

    This movie was really good, and interesting to see how Facebook was created, and all of the legal issues behind Facebook.


  5. Oh, come on. This was an instant 5 stars.


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