Wall Street

Junior stockbroker is obsessed with forming a partnership with a ruthless Wall Street player, and learns a thing or two in the process.  Classic urban drama perfectly captures the zeitgeist of 1980s excess.  Director Oliver Stone’s intelligent script wisely simplifies stock market lingo in a way anyone can understand and highlights a fascinating relationship between Bud Fox and his business idol, Gordon Gekko .  Michael Douglas’ portrayal of the corporate raider is so charismatic, something unexpected happens.  He becomes a villain you admire as well as despise.  It’s a masterful performance and one that rightly earned him the Oscar for Best Actor.  He’s ably supported by star Charlie Sheen, a naïve go getter who gets caught up in the dizzying frenzy of buying and selling corporations to make a profit.  His scenes with his father, Carl, fittingly played by his real-life father Martin Sheen, are also particularly affecting.

4 Responses to “Wall Street”

  1. Loved your review and agree with it almost completely.


  2. Just watched this upon your recommendation and was thoroughly intrigued. I found the story a bit sentimental near the end, and I thought Charlie Sheen overacted quite a bit, but I was otherwise fascinated. I won’t expect much, but I am actually curious about the more recent sequel. Good review.


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