Tron: Legacy

PhotobucketWhile attempting to find information regarding the mysterious disappearance of his father, Sam Flynn activates a laser which transports him to the Grid, a cyberworld within the computer program Tron. This continuation of the original Tron from 1982 even sees the return of original star Jeff Bridges as the talented computer programmer from the earlier incarnation. Technology has even allowed the actor to appear as a digitally younger, though unsettling, vision of the veteran actor.

Tron: Legacy is a visually impressive picture that exploits the love of technology love found in the original with the all the whizbang eye candy updated to 2010. The effects are a technologically dazzling marvel that exceed expectations in visual splendor. And the music – oh what music! Electronic duo Daft Punk’s score pulsates with excitement. The computerized beeps and blips energize the plot onscreen. The impact of the visual display and the aural assault should not be minimized. If perhaps the story leaves a little something to be desired, the pictures is an absolute joy for the senses

The actors are well cast. Actresses Olivia Wilde and Beau Garrett are stunningly beautiful as programs Sam encounters. Martial arts techniques are utilized in their various showdowns and the well choreographed displays definitely engage the viewer. They’re a special effect in themselves. Also of note is Zuse, a club owner in Tron city, played with flamboyant gusto by actor Michael Sheen looking like an albino David Bowie. He’s playing the part at full tilt clearly enjoying the opportunity to chew the scenery in a villainous display that energizes the action onscreen. He’s memorable and adds something this story lacks, personality.

Like its predecessor, the movie is cold and detached,. The screenplay is in fact, even more inferior. Six, count ‘em SIX writers arte credited with the script. This is perhaps a case of too many cooks. They seem content to rely on the technological displays and let them speak in place of a meaningful story. Action sequences, few and far between, are separated by sleep inducing blather that makes no sense whatsoever. However when the action occurs, it’s breathtaking. The little kid on me was transported back to the feeling in 1982 when I first saw Tron and was enraptured by the impressive technological spectacle for its time. I don’t think I’ve ever endorsed a movie with a script this awful. Yes, I’m recommending the film. The visual effects and music are just THAT good.

3 Responses to “Tron: Legacy”

  1. I’ve been dying to watch this. I kinda suspected it would be bad, but it has to be the most visually stunning trailer I’ve ever seen!


  2. I loved the music and the special effects, as well. The story was just too confusing.


  3. magnolia12883 Says:

    May have to catch this in the new year – I don’t have time to see it today but I do have a couple of premium Regal gift certificates that will admit one to any film – 3D or otherwise… 🙂


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