The Fighter

Gritty sports drama detailing the early years of boxer “Irish” Micky Ward and his half-brother who helped train him.  The subject matter of underdog fighters might seem like old hat.  Anyone who has ever seen the classics Rocky, Raging Bull or The Wrestler will be familiar with the blueprint for these types of stories.  But the surprise here is that the acting compares favorably with, and perhaps even surpasses, those extraordinary movies.  The script resonates all the more emotionally as a slice of life about four people from the working class mill town of Lowell, Massachusetts and how their lives intersect.  Every actor is at the top of their game.  Mark Wahlberg is convincing as the star.  He’s supported by actresses Melissa Leo and Amy Adams, unforgettable as Micky’s mother and girlfriend, respectively.  Both performances are among the best of the year, but it’s Christian Bale’s raw, heartfelt Dicky Eklund that’s a revelation. A heartbreaking portrayal that combines his physically emaciated appearance with fast talking speech mannerisms as his law breaking, crack addicted half-brother.  He’s so mesmerizing, the focus is as much on him as it is on Micky.  It’s the relationship of all four characters that make the film so powerful.  An example where the actors have produced better work from their interaction with each other.  I think I may be willing to forgive director David O. Russell for I Heart Huckabees now.

6 Responses to “The Fighter”

  1. I really want to watch this! I keep reading about its mesmerizing performances. Hope it opens here in Mexico soon. Being a huge Bale fan, I’m excited for the role that might finally give him an Oscar. I’m a pretty big fan of Mark Wahlberg and Amy Adams, as well.

    Funny what you say about David O. Russell. I feel the same way, actually. I ♥ Huckabees is the only film that I’ve (voluntarily) stopped watching before it was done. I actually opened the DVD player, took the disc, and threw it in the trash. What a piece of crap! Loved Wahlberg in it, though!


  2. Haha, no! I actually didn’t get to that part! hahaha What the hell?!


  3. Aw….another great movie, with even greater performances. Christian Bale will definitely get an Oscar nomination. Melissa Leo and Amy Adams, as well. This was a REAL movie, with Real performances. Worth the watch.


  4. magnolia12883 Says:

    Surprisingly one of the year’s best – Christian Bale is amazing!


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