PhotobucketAn American truck driver wakes up in a confined space with no knowledge of how he got there.  Armed with a lighter and a cell phone he starts to slowly piece together exactly what has transpired.  Director Rodrigo Cortés has fashioned a fascinating movie out of a minimalist story that takes place entirely in a wooden box.  The script’s genius is the way it unfolds.  In the beginning, we are just as much in the dark, literally, as our protagonist.  Our interest is in gradually uncovering the mystery as our central character does.  The tension masterfully builds.  It’s an intriguing experiment that ultimately works. However, the plot’s strengths are also its weaknesses and therein lies the irony. Claustrophobic doesn’t even begin to describe this thriller that never abandons its concept.   Because of that, it occasionally becomes a test of endurance for the viewer.  Visually, the film is darkness either punctuated by the glow from his lighter or mobile phone.  This doesn’t make for the most cinematic experience.  Although there’s something novel about casting a star People magazine named “Sexiest Man Alive” in a role where he is barely visible.  Ryan Reynolds, known for light comedies like The Proposal, is not an actor often praised for his dramatic ability.  Here he is forced to act with simply his voice.  He puts forth a credible performance, perhaps his best.  In fact, it’s his intensity that creates an engaging drama.  It’s important that we mind what happens next to this individual.  Otherwise, the action would have been pointless.  He breathes life into someone we actually care about.

3 Responses to “Buried”

  1. Amazing to see a whole movie taking place in a box. Somehow connected with the character and story. Worth the watch.


  2. Loved Buried. One of the best of 2010 for me.


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