Solitary Man

PhotobucketTalky drama about an aging New York businessman who finds his life falling apart, unable to control his salacious desire for young women. Well written script underscores this redemptive character study. Star Michael Douglas, perfectly chosen for the lead, gives one of his most memorable performances in years. Not many actors could bring such a magnetic presence to this role. Let’s face it, his character is downright unpleasant. You wouldn’t have any patience for a person like this in real life. Thus it’s a tribute to his talent that he can make this figure so engaging. However at best, it’s a magnificent achievement in a mediocre picture. The story plays out a little like a Lifetime movie from the male perspective. Call it Ben Kalmen: Portrait of an Aging Lothario. He’s backed up by a distinguished cast. Susan Sarandon, Danny DeVito, Mary-Louise Parker and Jesse Eisenberg have supporting parts. But it’s Michael Douglas that elevates this chronicle beyond its humble objectives. He alone is the reason to see the film.

One Response to “Solitary Man”

  1. Looks boring but, on the other hand, it has a pretty good cast. I may rent it later…


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