The Mechanic

Dependable action thriller about a talented hit man who agrees to teach an apprentice his profession.  Jason Statham is Arthur Bishop, a killer so efficient that his deaths look accidental.  Into his life walks Steve McKenna, a troubled young man who wants revenge for his father’s death.  They become mentor and student and it’s this dynamic between the calm Arthur and the unpredictable Steve that makes the story so much fun.  They perfectly complement each other to make an interesting team.  What keeps the picture from being great is the questionable script.  The plot irrationally demands the audience continue to root for a character that will even kill his closest confidants in the name of business.  That’s asking a lot.  With that said, Jason Statham is possibly the greatest action hero working today.  He’s got an intensity that draws you in and you never doubt his ability to get the job done.  His rough hewn good looks and macho swagger is that perfect combination of charisma that appeals to both men and women.  And he speaks with a British accent.  All of that goes a long way in making The Mechanic eminently watchable.  Here’s hoping that this becomes Statham’s latest franchise.

5 Responses to “The Mechanic”

  1. Nice review, Mark! I’m curious about this film, and after seeing The Bank Job, I’m convinced that Jason Statham is both a credible action star as well as a pretty good actor. I wonder, what do you have to say about Ben Foster in this film…


  2. When it comes to action movies, I think Jason Statham and Angelina Jolie are my two favorites. This movie didn’t challenge my brain, in any way. But I enjoyed the sheer fun of it.


  3. Great review Mark, I felt pretty much the same way. It was also a bit hard for me to completely love this movie, because I grew up loving Charles Bronson & have pretty fond memories of the original. I could be wrong & probably am (it’s only been like 20+ years since I’ve seen it), but the original seemed grittier & more raw. I suppose I’m a little sentimental when it comes to Charlie Bronson? This film makes me wonder if they’re planning to remake Death Wish(one of my all time favorites)?


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