Jane Eyre

The 28th(!) version of the beloved English novel by Charlotte Brontë is a stunning adaptation of classic literature.  Emotionally engaging account details the maturation of a poor and plain little girl into a compassionate and intellectually accomplished woman.  Jane Eyre is certainly a part that would be a godsend for any young actress to play and Mia Wasikowska is more than up for the task.  She perfectly conveys a character strikingly individualistic, yearning a full life, but morally strong.  Mia captures Jane’s independence while still making her appear sympathetic and vulnerable.  It’s a delicate balance and key to drawing the audience into her world.  Michael Fassbender matches Mia as Edward Rochester, her employer at Thornfield Hall, the grand estate of his family.  When the two are face to face, they give vitality to Brontë’s written word.  Their verbal exchanges are riveting.  He’s a complex individual.  He’s less than honest about his past and therefore, morally flawed, but also admirable in his love for someone of a lesser social and economic class than he.  Despite their differences, his heartfelt feelings toward her are utterly believable.  The script touches on many themes, but at heart it’s a love story and beautiful one at that.

The setting is packed with style to spare, which should not be overlooked in contributing to the strength of the production.  The music, costumes, and cinematography are all first rate and beautifully add to the ambiance of the time period.  The dark atmosphere inside isolated Thornfield Hall is especially bewitching.  Even the scenes outside the mansion are colored by gloomy grays and blues which lend the outdoors a menacing tone.  Director Cary Fukunaga keeps the action moving and wisely trusts in the novel’s power.  It doesn’t feel modernized, but it never feels stuffy either.  A marked departure from his last movie, the gritty Sin Nombre.  Definitely a versatile filmmaker to watch.

8 Responses to “Jane Eyre”

  1. Looks very interesting, Mark! Nice review. How many of the 28 adaptations have you seen? And I’m glad Mia Wasikowska shines here, because she had been showing potential in Alice in Wonderland and The Kids Are All Right.


  2. I’m definitely an “Eyre head”, after seeing this movie . Mia was very good in “The kids are alright”, but this role demanded a lot more. She delivered!


  3. Markus Robinson Says:

    great review mark!


  4. I absolutely loved this film Mark. She was perfect; so stoic yet such strength and then to see her break and fall for Mr. Rochester. He…so deliciously roguish! Perfect casting, good strong script that did a great job to the buildup. Period pieces that are reliant on victorian morals can be difficult for contemporary audiences to relate to, but this film really did a fantastic job with character development and motivations. I liked the largely linear structure of the film, but it was nice to have started off with the scene for touch of slight tension to really draw you in. Well done.


  5. Great review! I liked this one, but not quite as much as you did. My review will be up soon.


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