Win Win

PhotobucketMike Flaherty, a struggling attorney, accepts the guardianship of an elderly client in order to collect the monetary benefit the responsibility affords. Stridently domestic drama has all the characteristics of what you’d expect from an Indie picture in 2011.  It has alternatingly sweet and humorous moods punctuated by crisis.  It’s got serendipitous situations that arise out of apparent happenstance.  Oh and don’t forget to add the quirky characters.  Off kilter performances abound.  This is an engaging ensemble cast, particularly Bobby Cannavale as Mike’s best friend Terry Delfino.  Terry’s idolization of a teenaged wrestling phenom is humorously peculiar and a high point in this often carefully fabricated comedic drama.  Couldn’t a family help a child in need simply by virtue that he’s in trouble and not because he’s a talented athlete?  Nothing is ever black and white, as ethics can be a grey area, but make no mistake Paul Giamatti as Mike, is a morally confused character.  We worry he might be found out for his lies, but at the same time we want him to get his comeuppance for his impropriety.  Very much an idiosyncratic companion piece to director Thomas McCarthy’s other productions (The Station Agent, The Visitor).  Chances are if you liked those films, you’ll like this.  Slight, inconsequential movie isn’t essential viewing, but it’s a moderately absorbing slice of life.  I would have preferred a bit more substance.  The story is nicely acted, but it just kind of coasts along on its charm.

5 Responses to “Win Win”

  1. magnolia12883 Says:

    I feel like McCarthy’s earlier films THE STATION AGENT (especially) and even THE VISITOR to a degree sorta coast by on their charm…and yet they’re so well-written and acted and interesting that I didn’t mind it. WIN WIN looks like that too, but lighter than the others and perhaps a bit inconsequential even – it opens Friday and I intend on seeing it first thing (SOURCE CODE is opening at the same Regal art house cinema so I may make it a double feature!) 🙂


  2. I wasn’t blown away, but enjoyed it. Bobby Canavale was crazy. He added so much comic relief.


  3. Markus Robinson Says:

    I’m glad we saw “Jane Eyre” instead. Great review. Win Win seems like the kind of movie I would have expected it to be.


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