Everything Must Go

Emotional story of a once successful salesman who has lost his job, his wife and even his desire to pick himself back up. Everything Must Go is one of those comedies that’s not really a comedy. I suppose if you go in expecting a laugh riot, you will be disappointed. However, if taken as the presentation of a life that has fallen apart, it’s quite moving. Will Ferrell is rather impressive as the central character, Nick Halsey. As we spend time with him, he starts to make friendships: the boy whose mother works down the block, the woman across the street with the absent husband, the friend from high school he hasn’t spoken to since. As he interacts with these people we come to learn something interesting. Despite his own obvious fall from grace (he’s forced to live very publicly out on his front lawn after all), each person he meets seems to have their own issues that also make their existence far from perfect as well. The entire cast is great, but 14 year old actor Christopher Jordan Wallace deserves a special mention. He plays the neighbor kid in a surprisingly gentle and heartfelt performance. In real life he’s the son of deceased rapper Notorious BIG and Faith Evans.

It’s in these various touching vignettes that display a lot of humanity. The script is based on a short story by American writer and poet Raymond Carver who was known for his minimalist structure. Nick Halsey is an unexceptional man, a typical component of the late author’s work. But that just makes his dilemma more palpable to the everyday person. No matter how bad things get, it’s almost nice to know that everyone has problems they’re dealing with. You’re not alone. That’s not a unique concept, but it is a comforting one. An idea personified with power. This subtle drama is incredibly low key. It definitely takes some time to warm up to, but if you have the patience, a meaningful film. Will Ferrell has shown his dramatic chops before (Melinda and Melinda, Stranger Than Fiction). I doubt he would ever receive an Oscar nomination for this part. The Academy Awards are just too far off. But it’s among the best, if not THE best, of his career.

3 Responses to “Everything Must Go”

  1. Nice review 🙂 Loved that bit of trivia regarding the son of Biggie, haha. Movie looks good. And I love Will Ferrell in drama almost as much as I do in comedy. Rebecca Hall is in this too, right? I love seeing her, she’s so great.


  2. I was blown away, emotionally by this movie. Will Farrell was very real in his performance. I hope he gets an Oscar nod, he deserves it.


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