The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1

PhotobucketDrippy romantic drama is the continuing saga of Bella and Edward’s tortured relationship. This is merely part one of two in Stephenie Meyer’s fourth and final novel in the Twilight Saga. Splitting Breaking Dawn into two movies might make sense if there were many situations to depict, but such is not the case. It was clearly a monetary decision rather than an artistic one. The first half of the movie is completely dominated by a sappy wedding. We see Bella practicing walking in high heels, Alice doing Bella’s makeup, Bella’s parents presenting her a jeweled hair comb. Do these details sound insipid? Because they are and they’re typical of the general milieu. Only the awkward wedding toasts provide some entertainment. The book is stretched mercilessly thin.

In the second half Edward takes Bella to a tropical island off the coast of Rio de Janeiro for their honeymoon. The events now shift to concerns over Bella’s well-being. Will her safety be threatened if she has marital relations with a vampire? There could have been some genuine excitement in portraying the dilemma, but director Bill Condon seems to pull back. The action is exceptionally boring. We get dreary conversations between the Cullens and the werewolves discussing at length what should be done. Yawn! As a result the story remains strangely lifeless. And watching Bella trying to seduce, beg and plead with Edward to be intimate with her on their honeymoon is mind numbingly dull. They play chess so many times I lost count.

The action ultimately limps along to an end, but this being simply chapter one of the finale, there is no conclusion. Just a lot of dewy eyed glances and worried looks from the principal players. Wooden performances and conventional dialogue sink the proceedings. The plot is shockingly passive, rarely arousing anything resembling real passion or emotion. Fans of the series who are among the converted, will undoubtedly enjoy the fantasy they’re already familiar with. However anyone looking for a tale of heartfelt romance will be sadly disappointed.  A definite step backward after the promising Eclipse.

13 Responses to “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1”

  1. I can understand how fans of the book may love this, but, I agree, there was not nearly enough content to keep me interested. I will say, they always do a good job on making sure these films look good. I just wanted more action. Didn’t get it.


  2. Agreed, Mark – except I thought Eclipse was pretty dour, while Bella tried to decide who to pick while we yawned away! If a series of novels like this is going to be adapted into a film, surely us cinema-dwellers should be entertained and get our money’s worth too?


    • Speaking of Bella trying to decide who to pick: Edward vs. Jacob. Even on her wedding day, when Jacob shows up, she says, “Now I feel complete”. Hmmm, if I were Edward, I’d be more than a little worried by a statement like that.


  3. I’m surprised you actually watched this, Mark!


  4. I can’t stand how every “Twi-hard” tends to enjoy such a terribly-reviewed film as Breaking Dawn – Part 1. I might be able to say that statement with much more reason on Black Friday, the day I plan to go see it. Nice review!


  5. I hated Breaking Dawn – Part 1, and I could even consider myself a quasi-“Twi-hard”. (Though more for the books, anyhow.)


  6. You going to see Part 2? :/ I’d love to read your review…


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