Blogger Interview: Fast Film Reviews

I got to feel like a movie star for a day when Andy Swinnerton of “Rorschach Reviews” interviewed me about my blog. Click on the link above to read the full discussion!

Rorschach Reviews

Mark Hobin is the creator and writer behind Fast Film Reviews.  Since started the blog over four years ago, Mark has focused on conveying his opinions on every movie he sees as concisely as possible.  I “sat down” with mark (at separate computers) to ask him about his experience with blogging as well and more.

Rorschach Reviews: Between your tagline “For People who like their reviews short and sweet” and your blog’s name itself, you’ve firmly established your blog’s goal of giving your opinion in as few words as possible.  Do you often find it difficult to condense your views to that format?  What are some examples of movies for which you wish you could have written much more?

Mark Hobin:  My reviews may be short, but they used to be REALLY short.  When I originally started my blog, I was inspired by the one paragraph reviews found in…

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8 Responses to “Blogger Interview: Fast Film Reviews”

  1. I’ll have to check that out.


  2. Really enjoyed reading the interview, Mark!


  3. martin250 Says:

    very nice interview Mark. i read this a while back. those were helpful tips. networking and commenting on numerous blogs is something am still getting use to. and there are so many good blogs to view , its difficult to keep up with their latest posts.


  4. martin250 Says:

    not to mention, finding the time!


  5. Fantastic interview Mark 🙂


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