Thank You!


Amy Moss over at Movie Writing has recognized me for the month of November.

If you care to know a bit more about yours truly, visit her Web page and take a look. There’s a nifty little interview she conducted with me:

Fan of the Month

Her blog is a really fun site dedicated to (what else?) movies! I don’t normally post anything but film reviews here. I like to keep it simple. However I would be remiss if I didn’t at least express my gratitude for the mention.

Thanks Amy!

11 Responses to “Thank You!”

  1. Cool, you deserve it!


  2. Interesting choices there. You are one of the very best writers I read and it’s a short list.


  3. Congrats for sure! applauso


  4. That was a very interesting read. Congratulations.

    I loved your ranting about The Cat in the Hat. And the last sentence, when you said you wanted all copies gathered and destroyed. A good friend of mine has it on VHS, if you want to start there. 😉 Yeah, I actually WANTED to see that film back when I was in Seussical (the school play two years ago), but now I’m so thankful I haven’t seen it. Only Seuss movie I haven’t seen, in fact.

    Your Snow White blurb blew my mind. I guess when we have an experience like that at the movies, it’s an instantly developed passion. My parents always tell me my first theatrical venture was some Thomas the Tank Engine movie (had the girl from Matilda, and Roger Ebert gave it one star), but all I remember is my excitement for seeing it (I was 3 years old). My earliest memories come a few years later.

    Once again, Congrats!


  5. Really liked reading that, always like to read more about the people behind blogs.


  6. moviewriting Says:

    Thanks for the mention, Mark! You’re very welcome for the feature 🙂 thank you for all your input with Movie Writing; every comment is always very much appreciated!


  7. Wow congrats! It’s so great people have sites like WordPress to use as a movie review blog, to write reviews for fun, but it’s incredible to be recognized like that. Congratulations again. Love your reviews! 🙂


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