Cinephile Interview IV: Fast Film Reviews

Alexander Diminiano of Cinemaniac Reviews recently interviewed me for his site. I must give him kudos for being one of the most ardent supporters of my personal blog. His comments are always such a joy to read. This was a fun interview. He asked some really good questions. Check it out!

4 Responses to “Cinephile Interview IV: Fast Film Reviews”

  1. Thanks! I enjoyed interviewing you, a lot! Also glad you were able to spell the title of my blog correctly. I know it seems ridiculous, but some people see “Cinematic Reviews” or have no clue what it says and just go with “the Movie Freak Blog”. šŸ™‚

    I’m one of your most ardent followers because I enjoy your work!


  2. Gregory Skala Says:

    Dear Mark,

    I finally got around to reading this interview conducted with you, even though you sent it to me weeks ago. Anyway, I enjoyed it and think you have every reason to feel proud of the reviews you write.

    Cheers, Greg


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