Cinephile Interview IV: Fast Film Reviews

Alexander Diminiano of Cinemaniac Reviews recently interviewed me for his site. I must give him kudos for being one of the most ardent supporters of my personal blog. His comments are always such a joy to read. This was a fun interview. He asked some really good questions. Check it out!

Cinemaniac Reviews

Fast Film Reviews was possibly the first blog I came across after the creation of my own, and the reason I moved from BlogSpot to WordPress. The layout’s nice, the reviews belong in a newspaper, and I anticipate receiving its updates. Its creator, Mark Hobin, has mentioned that he doesn’t like talking about himself……but when there’s this much we talked about, I guess I kind of made him. (He agreed.)

This interview was conducted between November 26th and November 30th.

Recently, you were featured on Amy Moss’s blog, Moviewriting. When asked what your first experience at the movies was, you explained it was a rerelease of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. You also elaborated on the experience ever so vividly, as you tend to do with your critiques. When you enter a cinema nowadays, do you ever feel taken by the sight and sound in a similar…

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4 Responses to “Cinephile Interview IV: Fast Film Reviews”

  1. Thanks! I enjoyed interviewing you, a lot! Also glad you were able to spell the title of my blog correctly. I know it seems ridiculous, but some people see “Cinematic Reviews” or have no clue what it says and just go with “the Movie Freak Blog”. 🙂

    I’m one of your most ardent followers because I enjoy your work!


  2. Gregory Skala Says:

    Dear Mark,

    I finally got around to reading this interview conducted with you, even though you sent it to me weeks ago. Anyway, I enjoyed it and think you have every reason to feel proud of the reviews you write.

    Cheers, Greg


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