Oscar Nominations Podcast

Arcturus, The Beast and Mark Hobin give their short and sweet reactions to the Oscar nominations announced on Thursday, January 10th.

MGCTv – Oscar Nominations Show


9 Responses to “Oscar Nominations Podcast”

  1. I agree, as much as I thought Lincoln was a stunning piece of work I really hope it is not a sweep! I hope there is considerable room for other strong films to get their spotlight. I was also really surprised to hear that Moonrise Kingdom didn’t get any noms yet. A bit hard to believe that it won’t at the ceremony itself. . . we shall see!


    • I believe MOONRISE KINGDOM was nominated for Original Screenplay…


    • Eric (capote12883) is right. Moonrise Kingdom received a nomination for Best Original Screenplay. I was only lamenting the fact that it didn’t garner a nomination for Best Picture.

      30 years ago Spielberg’s E.T. was beaten by Gandhi for best picture. Now it looks as though the talented director will do exactly the same thing with a very conventional (but admittedly well made) bio-pic of his own.


  2. Ah yes, good. I must’ve missed that being said, and thank God too bc MK is far too good to be snubbed! I really enjoyed that podcast. Fun stuff!


  3. I’m currently four minutes in. My only thoughts: Chicago wasn’t directed by Bill Condon (who directed BDP1/P2) but it was written by him. Not sure if that’s brought up later but I couldn’t resist commenting it haha


    • Right. I knew Rob Marshall directed Chicago. At the time I didn’t understand why The Beast thought he had directed Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and 2 as well. After the podcast I realized he was confusing him with Bill Condon who wrote Chicago (and directed the musical Dreamgirls). Thanks for the clarification.


  4. I couldn’t help laughing when Wolverine was brought up.

    I want Lincoln to win, but I think Argo will. No problem with that.


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