The B.A.N.G Show

The Beast, SheMovieGeek and Mark Hobin give a recap of the UK and US box office (Feb. 1–3 weekend). Les Misérables, Warm Bodies and Side Effects are among the many movies discussed.

MGCTv – The B.A.N.G Show

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4 Responses to “The B.A.N.G Show”

  1. I have to say I really like the logo.


  2. Great job Mark! Still haven’t seen Life of Pi yet, but I’m hoping to catch it before Oscar night. Oh and by the way in response to She Movie Geek about Zemeckis, the plane crash motif in his films is complete coincidence. He spoke about that when I met him a few months ago and said it wasn’t planned. Also agree that Django was enjoyable although not one of my favorite Tarantino films. I don’t understand the crazy praise it’s getting. I think we are in the minority. I didn’t care for Les Mis, however I do agree with your opinion about Crowe’s performance. You know how I feel about ZDT…no need to rehash.


    • I hope Life of Pi wins a lot of the technical awards in the same way Hugo did last year. It’s really an incredible film. With regards to Robert Zemeckis, 2 films that include plane crashes out of around16 features doesn’t really seem odd to me, but I enjoyed the way Shemoviegeek pointed it out. I liked Django Unchained but yeah it’s not Tarantino’s best. Sorry you didn’t like Les Misérables and Zero Dark Thirty. You must hate the Academy Awards this year. LOL


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