The B.A.N.G Show: “The Croods” Movie Review

Mark HobinShemoviegeek and Arcturus convene on the MGCTv show for a movie review this week. We discuss this year’s #1 animated film THE CROODS. It’s a big hit, but was the crew won over by the family fun? Listen to find out!

The Croods – Podcast Review

The Croods

2 Responses to “The B.A.N.G Show: “The Croods” Movie Review”

  1. martin250 Says:

    I enjoyed your podcast about Life of Pi, but sadly not this one ; because of how the film was discussed.

    i think The Croods deserves some more credit.

    I thought it was very good.

    Do animated films always need to have original stories?

    I think one of the beauties about movies is that it has the option : It can be good because of How it’s presented, and not just what is presented.

    The Croods has beautiful and immersive animation.

    Ok, the Croods has stock characters; But its a primitive take on them, which makes them funny.

    Also, the constant mention about it being for kids. I think the companies themselves, Pixar and Dreamworks create products primarily for Children.

    On your side though, and also Arcturus, i agree that it wasn’t too clever. (it made me think, and remove the word from my initial review)

    Naturally i respect yours and the others opinions. but I have just been beginning to feel that expectations for these animated films are slowly growing too high.


    • The expectations for animated films are high because we know just how great they can be. I think we did a good job at explaining the issues we had. I gave this a recommendation and I mentioned the beautiful animation, so I don’t feel we differed all that much.


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