My Top Films of 2014

On this, the last day of 2014, I reflect back on 365 days of movie watching and pick the films that were among my favorites. So now without further ado…

(Drum roll please)

* MY TOP FILMS OF 2014 *

This is also a perfect time to express my gratitude to you, my dear reader. I truly cherish the movie discussions we have in this forum. It really means a lot whenever you make the effort to like, comment and subscribe to my blog. It’s all abut you.

So thanks!!

Wishing You All a Healthy and Happy New Year!!

Hope 2015 is your best year ever!

Happy New Year 2015

10 Responses to “My Top Films of 2014”

  1. Happy New Year!


  2. Fun list. Some people gripe about doing these things but I love doing my list and reading others. Great chance to compare and reflect on the movie year.

    I counted 5 of your Top 20 that are in the running for spots on my list. Still need to see only film (tomorrow) and I can get it together. But even of your films that won’t make my list, there are several you name that I really like. And your worst movies… They are definitely stinkers.


  3. Great List…. It’s reminded me that I missed a lot of great movies last year!
    I lost almost 3 hrs of my life on Christmas Day to Transformers Age of Extinction…. I may never recover.


  4. Have a wonderful 2015 !!!


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