The Overnight

The Overnight photo starrating-2stars.jpgYoungish parents Alex (Adam Scott) and Emily (Taylor Schilling) have recently moved to Los Angeles. Trying to fit in, they are longing to make some new friends. One day while out at the playground with their son (RJ Hermes) they meet slightly odd but seemingly genial Kurt (Jason Schwartzman), whose own son (Max Moritt ) has quickly made friends with the couple’s boy. Kurt invites them over for pizza. They tentatively accept.

Using “slightly odd but seemingly genial” to characterize Kurt also kind of describes this film. At Kurt’s grand estate, they meet his French wife, Charlotte (Judith Godrèche) whose smiley demeanor is particularly welcoming. As the evening progresses, the conversation is pleasant. The kids grow tired of playing. The parents agree to let them sleep over. They put them to bed. Then things really get weird.

For a while, you question what is the point of all his. Then it becomes clear. Writer/director Patrick Brice has fashioned a whole comedy around male insecurity. It’s the squares vs. the swingers. Their night of discussion highlighted by an escalating series of outré moments: Charlotte’s acting career, Kurt’s paintings, a dip in the pool, a wine run excursion. I’ll admit there are a few mildly amusing bits here and there. It’s sort of like if Woody Allen directed Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice. Unfortunately, what this ultimately leads to doesn’t justify the entire evening that we have endured with these people. The punchline of an ending is pretty limp. This is a comedy skit, not a movie.  Size doesn’t matter. Yet it’s only a mere 79 minutes.  Still I wouldn’t have even spent that much time in their house. Honestly I wish I hadn’t even attended in the first place.


12 Responses to “The Overnight”

  1. Yes. This was pretty strange. I enjoyed a lot of it, but overall, meh. 2 stars


  2. Nice review, and you convinced me I’ll pass unless forced to watch.


  3. Even though there were only like 8 of us in the theater i was in for this, about half of us were left at the credits. This movie was . . . interesting. I have no idea what to say about it yet but I’m pretty sure it would have been better as a skit too. . .lol It did feel too long, even for 80 mins.


  4. Glancing at the movie title I thought this might be a horror not a comedy lol. At least I know to avoid this one. Good review.


  5. I knew this movie had to be bad based on how brief your review is. It seems like you didn’t even want to devote much energy to reliving the film. Definitely not a good sign when 79 minutes feels long. Glad I haven’t wated my time on The Overnight. Sorry you took the hit.


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