My Top Films of 2015

On this, the last day of 2015, I reflect back on 365 days of movie watching and pick the films that were among my favorites. So now without further ado…

(Drum roll please)

* MY TOP FILMS OF 2015 *

It has been another fantastic year for movies, but it wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t have people like you that share my passion. To all who read my blog, like my posts and keep the conversation going, I am grateful.

So thank you!

Wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2016.

May it be your best ever!

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12 Responses to “My Top Films of 2015”

  1. If I counted right we share four films in our Top 10s. I did notice you have several that fell in my 11-20. Definitely saw several movies the same way you did this past year.

    Fine list!


    • Yes our lists are similar in several areas. I am delighted you cited About Elly too. Since it was technically made in 2009, I wasn’t sure whether to include it. However since it didn’t get a release until this year, I thought it was fair. Plus I loved it enough that to ignore it would be an injustice.

      I thought I was being unique by including it. Kudos to you sir!


  2. Awesome list. Happy New Year to you Mark


  3. smilingldsgirl Says:

    Great list. One thing I noticed about it is I think every film has a strong female lead. Isn’t that neat! What a great year for women at the movies. I also loved Inside Out, Star Wars and Brooklyn.


  4. Happy New Year to you as well, Mark. It’s been a pleasure doing this another year with readers and reviewers around like you!


  5. […] other day my blogging friend Mark at Fast Film Reviews posted his Best Films of 2015.  What stood out to me most is that each of his 10 favorite films had a strong female presence in […]


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