The Meg Podcast – “Out Now With Aaron and Abe”

I was guest this week on Out Now With Aaron and Abe

This week’s Out Now with Aaron and Abe has the gang on a shark frenzy. Aaron and Abe are joined by Mark Hobin and Tyler Smith to discuss The Meg, the Jason Statham vs. Giant Shark movie everyone has been waiting for. Among topics covered, we have a fun round of Know Everybody (7:39), some Out Now Quickies™ (15:12), Trailer Talk for The Nun (25:29), the main review (31:12), Games (1:15:08), and Out Now Feedback (1:23:24). We then wrap things up (1:46:33) and end on some bloopers (1:58:30), following this week’s closeout song. So now, if you’ve got an hour or so to kill…

2 Responses to “The Meg Podcast – “Out Now With Aaron and Abe””

  1. Martin1250 Says:

    It was fun to listen to the main review. It’s not easy to say No to a big budget shark movie. But i’m uncertain overall because of the “Where’s the Meg?” issue vs the character interaction moments that were appreciated.

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    • There are MUCH better shark movies out there. I mean obviously Jaws but for silly fun choose things like Deep Blue Sea and Jaws 3-D. For quality films, there’s The Shallows. So many choices.


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