You Don’t Nomi

you_dont_nomiSTARS3.5Depending on how you approach it, Paul Verhoeven’s Showgirls could either be the worst movie ever made or the most hilarious.  The highest-grossing NC-17 rated film was critically reviled when it was released back in 1995.  In the ensuing years, however, it was been reevaluated by a large segment of the population as a cult classic.  The cleverly titled You Don’t Nomi is a fairly scholarly examination of cinema.  If you love Showgirls, you should appreciate director Jeffrey McHale’s documentary as well but even if you don’t, you still might savor this intelligent assessment.

Were the creators aware of the camp appeal in their work?  McHale considers the idea. I’m convinced that screenwriter Joe Eszterhas and director Paul Verhoeven had every intention to do a serious drama.  A rags to riches tale that utilized the blueprint of All About Eve.  A portrait of one Nomi Malone and her drive to claw her way into the starring role of a Las Vegas spectacular called “Goddess”.  The movie was not well-received initially.  Paul Verhoeven was able to put the setback behind him but star Elizabeth Berkley wasn’t so lucky.  Her career was completely derailed in the aftermath.  There is a happy ending of sorts though.  As we see here, she ultimately found peace from the adulation of the fans who have embraced the film.

Director Jeffrey McHale’s is clearly an admirer.  Who else but a true fan would dare to subject themselves to such a detailed study of something they hated?  Nevertheless, he concedes the more ridiculous aspects of the production.     He celebrates the film for its style and panache.  Along the way he presents a studious consideration not just of Showgirls but of Paul Verhoeven’s entire oeuvre.  He holds a genuine appreciation for the auteur’s work but also understands why people dislike some of this particular picture’s more unsavory aspects.  I do wish You Don’t Nomi had taken a harsher condemnation on the rape scene though.  Truth be told, I actually own the DVD.  I freely admit that.   However, I always fast forward over that reprehensible part — my own bit of removing something that is extremely unwatchable.

You Don’t Nomi isn’t a revolutionary appraisal. Showgirls has already undergone a critical reassessment in the 25 years since it came out.  It has earned a devoted cult of enthusiasts.  McHale’s assessment is still enjoyable.  He asserts it’s well-made but he also pokes fun at the unintentional comedy.  A winking screenplay that is knowingly awful is never as entertaining as the big-budget efforts that attempt something great and fails miserably.  Valley of the Dolls, Can’t Stop the Music, Xanadu, or Mommie Dearest all exist in the rarefied air of hilariously bad cinema.  This documentary reinforces the belief that Showgirls is a worthy addition to that tradition.


4 Responses to “You Don’t Nomi”

  1. Eric Robert Wilkinson Says:

    Look forward to watching my rental although I’m not a fan of showgirls I dont believe it’s as bad as it’s made out to be…

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  2. This was a nice little look into this hilarious movie. I see this as a comedy. This explained and compared some of the ridiculous scenes to past works. 3 1/2 stars


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