Pieces of a Woman

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

If nothing else, Pieces of a Woman will be remembered for a home birth sequence that unfolds in a single take less than 10 minutes in. Martha (Vanessa Kirby) and Sean (Shia LaBeouf) are having a baby. Their midwife Barbara is currently involved with another birth so she sends another, Eva (Molly Parker), in her place. The next 20 minutes is an agony that culminates in tragedy. What follows is a chronicle about how a mother and her family deal with that grief.

There is an undeniable craft to the construction of this account that is praiseworthy and compelling. The talented Hungarian director Kornél Mundruczó (White God) has fashioned a saga with artistic flair. It is rooted in Vanessa Kirby’s portrait of a woman undone. Her performance is the best reason to see this. She is utterly disaffected by life after this trauma. Shia LaBeouf is her husband Sean. One’s familiarity with the actor’s personal issues may prove to be a distraction to his credible work here. Then again, it may even help because his character is not likable. The always dependable Ellen Burstyn plays her controlling mother Elizabeth. She elevates the narrative with her presence as well.

Pieces of a Woman is yet another dramatic exercise where a film is an excuse for actors to converge and exhibit their thespian skills. The audience is subsequently invited to marvel at all the acting on display. Like all of these recent efforts, there are indeed impressive performances. Furthermore, this looks like a fully formed piece of cinema. It feels like real life as opposed to a theatrical showcase, but to what end? This is an unpleasant experience that depicts the degradation of a marriage. Martha is understandably wounded. She is cold to everyone, especially her husband. The couple fight. Sean cheats on her [with their attorney (Sarah Snook) no less!] Yes, movies can present the ugliness of life. However, the viewer should feel enriched for suffering along with the protagonist when the credits roll. Pieces of a Woman is a punishment to watch. I suppose if there’s anything to be gleaned from this nasty ordeal, it’s that the death of a child is hard. These actors truly make you endure that awful event and its aftermath. Uh thanks, I guess?


2 Responses to “Pieces of a Woman”

  1. This was so unpleasant. I agree with everything you said. Even thought I thought Vanessa and Ellen were great, the movie wasn’t. 2 1/2 ⭐️


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