My Top 10 Films of 2021

I saw a lot of great movies this past year. One week into 2022, I reflect back on the past 365 days and pick the 10 films I loved the most. PLUS an additional 10 that just barely missed that list.

Here are the 10 greatest pictures I saw in 2021 followed by an additional 10 that didn’t quite make the list.

Click the link to reveal…

** My Top 10 Films of 2021 **

It has been great seeing all of these movies, but it wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t have an audience with whom to share my passion. To all who read my blog, like my posts and keep the conversation going, I am truly grateful, so a big THANK YOU to all of you!

Wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR in a fresh decade that begins with 2022!

4 Responses to “My Top 10 Films of 2021”

  1. Eric Robert Wilkinson Says:

    I was glad to see honorable Mentions like dream horse and barb & star… I was very happy to see Licorice pizza in the top 10 and Belfast in the honorable mentions…
    I preferred in the heights to west side story musical wise but that’s just me (still hoping for for a rewatch of the the latter BTW and yet have now seen Licorice pizza 5 times 🙂

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    • Yeah when I reflected back on the entire year, Dream Horse and Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar were films that I recalled quite fondly so I had to include them. Thanks for reading. I always appreciate your comments. Happy New Year!!

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  2. Decent list – I’ve not seen Licorice Pizza or Green Knight – though GK was never really on my radar – LP was and I just stopped going to screenings about 2 weeks ago as at this time last year, I was in sheer hell with Covid & having Long Haul Covid for 11 1/2 mos now.. a movie just wasn’t a risk I wanted to take – and no way to get a link for it … Wasn’t The Father 2020 ?? or it’s probably that I just can’t remember. hahahaha I don’t really makes lists..but as a top 3 I think I would probably have Parallel Mothers, CODA & Nightmare Alley.. and I loved quite a few. Happy 2022 to you and while it’s started off a bit crazy – I do hope & think it will get better with some time.

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    • I am so sorry to hear of your bout with COVID and your ongoing issues. I pray things will improve.

      The Father was released in the U.S. on February 26 so it’s a 2021 film, but I understand the confusion. The 93rd Academy Awards (mostly focused on 2020 films) allowed releases through the end of February of this year, so The Father qualified which is why Anthony Hopkins was able to win Best Actor for a 2021 release.

      I wasn’t able to get a link for Parallel Mothers from Sony Pictures and it hasn’t opened at any theater near me. The way things are going I suspect it will be streaming soon. I can wait.

      Wishing you all the best for a happy and healthy 2022!

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